Sleep Patterns

by Outlier



releases 05 May 2015

Lyrics by Michael Sciarrillo
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Bastard Son
Take one last look through the window at the life you're leaving behind. You've got your bags packed and you're skipping town tonight. I've built my walls up high in hopes that I won't be missed, cause I'm just a bastard son who was born to run just like his father was.

But I can't deny the roots are set and the knots are tied, will I cast aside everyone I love tonight? Cause I can't seem to shake this feeling you're better off without me.

My walls are built up high, I don't need no one around me. I am the bastard son and I was born to run, I am a bastard son.

For so long I've tried so hard to justify leaving everything behind. And I'll blame the way that I was raised, or the flaws that I was born with, or this awful mix of chemicals in my brain, but they're all just half formed excuses.

Because I hurt the ones I love when I say that you deserve better, or that I'm not good enough and I should just cut and run. And I'm sorry for all that I've done, but it's just I've grown so comfortable in loneliness.

Seclusion is the choice that I've made, it's always seemed best for everyone. And I don't know that I can follow through, but I know that I've got to.

'Cause I'd rather be alone than be surrounded by the people who feel like home, knowing I can never be what they need me to be.

And maybe the day will come when I learn to let in the love, and if that's truly what you want then I swear I'll keep on trying.